We're constantly on the lookout for talents. 

Passion over experience, talent over title - we welcome pro geeks, networking mavens, adventurous opportunists and brain pickers to join our vibrant team. Let's meet!

Geared with diverse skills and expertise, Block Manic team develops products - fast.

We invest in aspiring entrepreneurs,  providing necessary resources to productise their ideas in return for equity. Here's how.

Innovate the business model

Design and build the prototype

Market it out and let the show begin!


A new generation of smart robot that harnesses the power of your voice to bring the world to you, hands-free. 

Premium app creator for temi

Block Manic has partnered with French fashion innovator Merci Dandy to make this personalised clothing box even smarter.

Strategic partnership with Merci Dandy

From coffee directory to revolutionary hairstyling platform, Block Manic's creations are here to make life easy.

A myriad of lifestyle projects

Block Manic is a venture builder founded by a passionate group of forward-thinking entrepreneurs, who have been turning innovative ideas into scalable user-centric products.


Upholding the ethos of "Make Life Easy", we develop a myriad of lifestyle, productivity and social initiatives. All of our projects are proudly led by design thinking, supplemented by advanced technology and completed by our award-winning team of developers.


We use Creatize to develop our products - our secret to delivering a portfolio of apps in a snap.

Creatize is our in-house developed software that enables creation of an enterprise-quality app in a matter of clicks. From Adobe XD, it'll be a simple copy and paste process to productise any idea.

Creatize is developed based on Flutter, which allows you to build beautiful native apps on iOS and Android from a single codebase.

Within a short period of time, we have a well-designed prototype ready and make this brainchild a reality, transforming an idea to a start-up business - none of this would've been possible without Block Manic!


Block Manic boasts a dynamic and experienced team - including professional designer, developer, marketer, strategist and more - providing all-rounded support to cater the needs of a start-up. I highly recommend Block Manic to green start-up founders!

Khloe Chan

Co-founder of ARRO


Change always starts with a small group of passionate people.

Eventually, they gain enough support and momentum to achieve lasting change.

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