temi is a new generation of smart robot that has in-built A.I., face recognition, autonomous navigation capabilities and much more. Block Manic customises apps for your temi, from interactive display, escorting to self-service, we cover it all.


For remote communication

  • Face recognition for interactive communication

  • Excellent sound and mobility quality

For retail & hospitality

  • Self-service system

  • Escorting

  • Interactive display

  • Path and audio guide 

As learning assistants

  • Interactive learning

  • Language exchange

  • Instant video recording

  • Performance evaluation

Interested? We can bring a temi to you for demonstration - free of charge, of course.


Customise your Temi

From HK$25k

Block Manic is the premium app creator for Temi. We have helped Fortune500 Companies and real estate giants to improve their digital experience, including

Here's a sneak peek of what we have designed and developed in a matter of months.

Get in touch to see how we can customise your temi for you.

Don't have a temi yet?

Block Manic is temi's premium app creator and reseller

AI assistant


Be home


Home hub

Personal caddy

Personal DJ


Video calls

Personal photographer

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In the photos: temi at Mercedes-Benz showroom, health care centre and elderly homes across the globe

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